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Crazy Hot Jellies - Fresa (Strawberry)

Crazy Hot Jellies - Fresa (Strawberry)

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Crazy Fresa will surely delight your palate! This enticing Mexican treat is one of the most beloved candies of a generation! Its sweet and refreshing taste will surely take you back to Mexico in one bite! 

Enjoy all the fruity, fresh flavors of the strawberry flavored candy, covered with a secret, enticing chili powder! All the most characteristic Mexican flavors inside one single package.

Ravi's jelly-like candy will surely be the perfect candy for any occasion! You can enjoy it while watching a movie, sharing with friends, or just as a perfect dessert after lunch! You can be sure it will feel all your expectations! 

Just imagine a sweet, chewy strawberry candy covered with a savory and flavorful chili powder. Spicy and sweet, sour and tasty! Only by ripping out the candy, all the sweet, sour aromas will travel through your senses, creating the perfect preamble for Ravi's hot spicy Mexican candy! You will then feel how both flavors, chili and strawberry blend inside your mouth, creating one of the most enticing candy combinations ever! 

2 oz

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